Mandalynn is a Baltimore-based swimwear brand. With inspiration coming from lingerie, our smooth lines show off the natural curves of many different female body types. While some styles remain slightly basic and others are more detailed, all of our styles are meant to be mixed and matched - paired however you like depending on your mood. Our inspiration comes from a passionate, free-spirited, and adventurous way of life. This mentality is what drives the Mandalynn brand. Our customers -MANDALYNN BABES - are the epitome of this.

MLbabes are: weightlessboundless and fearless - never tied to the ground. She may not always know where she is going, but you will surely want to follow. A babe is not worried about matching head to toe, she will wear the same bikini three days in a row if it suits her mood. A gypsy at heart and a rebel in her soul, she wants nothing more than to create a little bit of chaos in her everyday world.



The original MLbabe, Amanda Dukehart, began her fashion studies in New York City at Parsons - The New School for Design and completed her education in the heart of bikini-land, Miami Beach, Florida. Feeling unsatisfied with the swimwear options most brands were producing, Amanda devoted her time to studying how her designs could better compliment the feminine physique. 

Constantly trying to better and further her brand, Amanda is always one step ahead, working hard to perfect designs and find more durable fabrics. 

When asked to describe Mandalynn in three words, Amanda answers:

  1. FORWARD - forward thinking that is..we plan for the future, we don't follow trends.
  2. WEIRD -  we do weird things. this goes kind of hand-in-hand with "forward" in the sense that we find the "box" that is swimwear and deliberately step out of it - or jump - whichever you prefer
  3. BOLD -  bold, unique designs keep our brand separate from others